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Engraving of Fortunato de Félice

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This is an engraving of Fortunato de Félice, presumably posthumous, and commissioned by his son Charles Rodolphe de Félice (1763-??), who has Latinised his name Charles to "Carolus". Though the engraving would have been made after his death in 1789 (though doesn't show the date of his death), we can assume that it shows him as he would have looked in around 1770, since he is shown proudly displaying a volume of the Encylopedie de Yverdon. Fortunato is depicted in his study and, from the lettering on it's spine, he is holding a volume from his Encyclopaedia. He is dressed in a loose fur lined cape with some sort of headdress. This one of two existing copies, the other is held in the San Francisco Museum of Fine Arts. The inscription reads as follows:


Roma 24 Augusti 1723. Natus: ibidem, deinceps.
Neapoli Phil. Phys. exp. et Mathem. quondam
Professor: Mundi, hominisque legum sedulus Inda-
gator, et felix qua Voce, qua Scriptus Interpres
Encyclopediae Ebrodunensis Contaborator et Editor

Cet Auteur, distingué par un profond Génie,
Dans le sein de l'Erreur trouva la Vérite;
Et sachant la montrer dans l'Encyclopédie,
S'est fait un titre sür à l'Immortalité.

Offerebat Obseq. et Devot. Filius

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