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Pietro de Félice (1737-1814)*

*N.B. not to be confused with his ancestor Archbishop Pietro De Félice (d.1343)

Pietro de Félice was born in Marcianise, near Naples in 1737.

He was appointed Bishop of Sessa Aurunca (just North of Naples) on the 18th December 1797 aged 61, being ordained on the 21st December. His Principal Consecrator was Francisco Antonio de Lorenzana (1722-1804) (previously Archbishop of Mexico) and his co-consecrators were Nicola Buschi (1732-1813) (later Archbishop of Ferentino) and Bishop Simone de Magistris (1728-1802)

The "real catechism" (a sort of religious Q & A ) of Pietro de Félice was published on October 12th 1799, to be handed out to all the priests in his diocese for training purposes. It was especially relevant in light of the latest "wind of Jacobinism" (i.e. left-wing surge). De Félice was a royalist and very attached to traditional values, which are exhibited in this book.

These views, and his acute criticism of the "rapacious" French revolutionary policies caused him to be cast into prison by revolutionaries at the turn of the century. He was eventually allowed to go into exile from Sessa, and on the 8th August 1807 he chose Assisi, further North, where he died in 1814 at the age of 77.

The documents below are official certificates issued by him (Latinised as "Petrus de Felice" [sic]) authorising marriages. Approximate text versions are below.




















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in Parti Eccta Jub fit^o. J. Benedicti R. Livit. Iuefs(?), Benedictam Jopina filiam q^m ???pari, et
anne capoqio natam, et baptizatam in hacmet livit^d. Jub die Spetima W. Junii millesimiseptin
centesimi septuagelimiset ex fide sapmatis ix actif ? , et a frgd? die jugnatin et Bapmatis esq ad mox
lern Maii millesimi septincentesiminonagesimi quarti continuam traxilde moram in hacmet livit.
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Et praedicto tempore in statu libero, ac soluto suisse (fuiffe), ac omni impedimento, & vinculo
matrimoniali vacaffe ad contrahendum libere, & licite matrimonium a jure in reliquis non
prohibitum. In quorum fidem, &c. Datum ..suessz ex Curia Episcopati
die ...18... Mensis ...Aprilis... Anni 1..803.tertii..






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Literae testimoniales, u Supra.




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