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Gaetano de Félice (1863-1936), Marquess de Félice
Gaetano de Félice was the Secretary-General of the Royal Deputation of the Sacred Military Constantinian Order of Saint George, the oldest international Roman Catholic order of chivalry.

Before his death, in this position in 1934 he wrote the obituary of the Count of Caserta. This touched on the future succession of the Royal House of Bourbon-Two-Sicilies, stating that the Infante don Carlo's son was the eventual heir to the Grand Magistery. This lead to the succession of Ferdinand Pius, Duke of Calabria to the head of the House.

He was the uncle of the poet Lancellotti Arturo.


The symbol of the order.

The works of Gaetano de Félice
  • Il Re note e ricordi

    "The King: Notes and memories" Pub: 1895, more...


  • La vita aneddotica di Sua Santitŕ PIO XI

"The life of his holiness Pope Pius XI". Pub: Marzocco, Florence, 1929, 61 Pages. A picture of the cover is to the right.

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