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Bernard-Frédéric Fortuné de Félice (1760-1832), IIIrd Count Panzutti
The eldest of Fortunato de Félice's three daughters and six sons, Bernard was born on the 11th of October 1760.

After studies in Bern, Switzerland, at the age of 26 in 1786 he was appointed the chaplaincy in the Swiss regiment of Lullin de Châteauvieux, with residence in Paris, a post that he gave little or no time to, spending most of his time enjoying himself and the city. As a result of this, few of his sermons still exist - those that do are apparently of little theological interest. He did however, bring back two Charleville pattern muskets from the regiment's tours in the Napoleonic Wars, which still exist in the de Félice family (see below).

Marquis Frédéric Lullin de Châteauvieux

In 1798 he decided to settle down, marrying Catherine Cordier (1785-1840). After the birth of his first daughter in 1801, Marguerite Frédérique,  he was appointed Pastor in Kaiserslautern, in Otterberg, Germany. Here, in 1803, he had a son, Guillaume Adam (1803-71).

He moved in 1804 to Friedrichsdorf, and then in 1807 to Lille to succeed the notable pastor Boissard. Here, he countered the hedonism of his youth, and soon his diocese consisted of the départments of the Nord and Pas-de-Calais, where he presided at the birth of their protestant communities.

He died on the 11th of March 1832 aged 72.

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