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About this website

Can I come and see the collection?

Yes, though it depends on the time of year. The collection is held privately in London. Email first for an appointment.

Why don't you publish a book?

I am currently in the process of writing a biography of Guillaume de Félice, and hope to publish a book about the collection when I find the time. For the moment, this content is free to read.

I have a copy of X by Y de Félice, would you like to buy it?

Yes, most probably. Send an email with the details.

What is the background picture in the title banner above?

This is a small section of the facade of the Temple (i.e. Protestant Church) in the centre of Yverdon, Switzerland.

Aren't the works pages just crying out for a database to be implemented?

Yes. Though it is quite hard to do given multiple editions of the same book and multiple translations of multiple editions. If anyone feels like designing one that would be greatly received.

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